Finding out about wine is like space travel: Once you get going, there’s no end in sight. Fortunately for those who choose to be educated wine drinkers, learning about wine is a fascinating experience, full of new flavours, new places, and new friends.

Share a Bottle decided to host an South-African Wine tasting at the founder’s home in the centre of Amsterdam, and everyone had to be blindfolded. Not literately, but figuratively. The founder, Anand is joining in on the wine tasting and decided that all the participants should taste the different wines without knowing what wine it is. During the wine tasting, the bottles were covered, therefor no one could see what wine they tasted at that moment. The only information that the participants were told was that all the wines were from South-Africa.

A sparkle of wine

“How do you drink a sparkling wine”, Anand, founder of share a Bottle questions when trying to discover the different tastes in the wine, “the bubbles obviously give it a different feeling in your mouth”. When exploring the wine, the wine tasters discuss which different kind of fruits they taste and what they smell. “The bubbles are nice and soft”, another says. “I taste a combination of apple and pears”. When discussing the wine, everyone seems to be satisfied with this sparkling wine. “I even like this more than a cheap Champaign!” another says.

The conclusion to this wine is that everyone is pleased. The wine seems to be popular and, among some, even a better option than a cheap Champaign from the supermarket! When everyone is finished and has formed their opinion about this particular wine, the name of the wine bottle is shown. It is a…

Genevieve 2011

White or white?

After the sparkling wine, everyone receives two glasses with different kinds of white wines. One is a lighter colour than the other. Describing and comparing the two is a challenge, but no one seems to be fussed, they are curious. Curious to find out what they are tasting. What flavours they can find in each wine. “Both the wines have a pale colour”. We taste the first wine, which is named number two, and the second wine, number three. Number three has a strong aroma and number two seems to be a lighter wine with a softer smell. When comparing the two different white wines, we discuss which wine we prefer. Number two seems to develop when taking a nip. “It’s a complex wine.” The flavour changes from the moment you taste it to the moment you swallow. Number three seems to have a slight sour taste. According to the group number two seems to be preferred.

Number two:


Number three:wittewijn2


When drinking red

After finishing with the white wines, we move onto the red wines. Everyone has two glasses with on the left, a red wine and on the right a different kind of red wine. When swirling the wine, everyone is examining the colour and tears on the wineglasses. The first red wine has flavours and aromas that can be quite surprising, but all of the elements just seem to work well together. The wine has a very light red colour in the glass, and has a light body. When you smell the wine, you’ll often get aromas of red fruit: strawberries, raspberries and cranberries. The second red wine has a herbal taste and a rich lasting flavour. Everyone is quite pleased with these red wines. Curious to find out what wines they were tasting, Leonie reveals all the labels of the bottles they drank.

Everyone is surprised knowing that both red wines are a Syrah wine.

Number four:

Number five: rodewijn2

These wines are just a small collection of South-African wines. To discover what kind of wine you like is like finding your taste in music. Drinking wine is like listening to music—there are loud and soft notes, lots of information to absorb, and everyone tastes the wine differently so “good” and “bad” are totally subjective. Once you decipher your tastes and preferences, you can use that knowledge to find other wines that you will enjoy. Never tasted a South-African wine and curious to find out if it is to your liking? Share a Bottle will be hosting another wine tasting event in Amsterdam on the 12th of June.