Beyond the usual suspects of Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc there is a world of delicious light-bodied white wines to be explored. Of course, most of these varieties are relatively unknown. Spain is known for its expertise in wine and has a treasure trove of grape varieties and some of the best light-bodied white wines. Spain is also a country where the weather can be extremely hot. This day, was a hot day, so when I set my eyes on this beautiful bottle: Lindero Rueda Verdejo from 2014, I knew I wanted to discover its flavours and aromas.

It was a warm day and I didn’t feel like having a rich wine. It is a day you need to drink a light-bodied wine. So not to be worried, I wasn’t going to reject this bottle. Besides I wasn’t going to drink the bottle all by myself. We aren’t called Share a Bottle for nothing! I invited two of my good friends and also wine lovers to come over for a home cooked meal at my new place.

Curious to find out what this bottle of white wine would taste like, we decided to start with a glass before we started our meal. When serving the wine we noticed that the wine had a beautiful pale colour. I like a light coloured wine. Whilst we are taking our first nip of the wine, we notice the fruity, light flavours with plenty of notes in them. We agree it is very light-bodied wine with a nice soft finish. It is a simple wine that can be enjoyed as it is, without thinking much about it; fruity, low in tannin, with a hint of apricot. A light subtle wine that would be perfect for a late summer’s afternoon, I would definitely suggest you try it!