Newest fad: freezing wine

Yes. Summer is finally here. Time to catch those rays on a sunny terrace. But what to order? A frosty ice cream or cool glass of rosé? For doubters, the ideal combination is here: winecream. Can you imagine yourself licking your red wine? Secret ingredient Inventors... read more

Au secours! Wine in stormy weather

Have you watched the recent Tour de France stage where hailstones as big as golf balls came down on Dutch stage winner Tom Dumoulin? He did not seem to be bothered much, but these heavy lumps can really transform a car into a dented can. A vine-grower expecting a... read more

Underground wine lovers paradise

It’s only a two hours drive from London. There, in an old limestone mine below the hills of Wiltshire, thirty-five meters underground, you’ll find a true wine lovers paradise. Octavian’s Corsham Cellars, also known as the Fort Knox of the wine, houses the world’s most... read more

Tour de France drenched in Chilean wine

Nothing is more French than the Tour de France, right? Well, that’s exactly why French winemakers are completely infuriated. Not their beloved Burgundy or world famous Sancerre, but the little known Chilean wine brand Cono Sur Bicicleta is the official Tour wine. The... read more

Discover the wines of Chablis

Chablis. One of the most famous names in the wine world, located at the north of the Burgundy region. A prime exhibit of the idea that good wine speaks deeply of its place of origin.The wines of Chablis are made from one single varietal: Chardonnay. Over there people... read more

Why wine enthusiasts choose Riesling

Riesling wine has a colourful German heritage and a bit of a bad reputation since the 1980s. Today, however, Riesling wine has emerged as the most collectible wine among top connoisseurs and sommeliers alike. Riesling comes in more “flavours” than any other wine. Some... read more

Fancy drinking a blue Chardonnay?

Horeca connoisseurs say that blue wine will be a hit this summer. Vincent Janssen, wine importer of Wijny, says he has already experienced a very fine summer thanks to the Passion Blue Chardonnay. “The last few weeks the wine has been flying out the doors. We also had... read more

Do wines really improve with age?

We store our wines in cellars for years – decades even. But do wines really improve with age? How long can you keep a wine before it starts losing quality? The answer to this question may surprise you. First of all, which wines are meant to age? We like to believe all... read more