Horeca connoisseurs say that blue wine will be a hit this summer. Vincent Janssen, wine importer of Wijny, says he has already experienced a very fine summer thanks to the Passion Blue Chardonnay. “The last few weeks the wine has been flying out the doors. We also had to get used to the idea, but that colour appears to have a real value to people. It looks different and the wine is good too.”

The blue wine plays with your brain. It puts you on the wrong track. You expect it to be very sweet, because it looks like a sports drink, but when you taste it, you get a very dry Chardonnay, aromatic fruity flavour. According to Janssen that surprise works on people.
The blue colour comes from anthocyanins, a natural colouration from the skins of red grapes, turning white wine blue. Janssen: “It’s completely natural”.

This blue wine trend comes from Spain, where the wine is already popular among the public. According to Remco Moll, the ‘hip’ over 25 year olds will like the blue wine. “They are curious and they’ll want to try it”.

According to wine journalist Harold Hamersma the blue wine is a gimmick. “It is remarkable, but not remarkably good,” said Parool wine connoisseur Hamersma. He tasted three different blue wines. “It looks like windscreen washer fluid, but it doesn’t taste like it. It taste artificial and sweet, overly fruity.”
But Hamersma doesn’t completely write it off: it could be a good joke at a party, if the colour matches the theme. “It’s a gimmick.”

Maybe it will just be a gimmick that we’ll all have forgotten by next year. Only time will tell.