What is Share A Bottle?

Share A Bottle is a social platform that connects people with a passion for wine. We do that online in our blog and offline in the form of wine events, such as wine tastings, festivals etc.

Who are the founders of Share A Bottle?
Our main founder is Anand Kanhai. Anand is a true wine enthusiast. He loves good wine and good food and has a whole lot of experience in both worlds. Anand started Share A Bottle with the idea that developments and changes in the wine world should be more available and more accessible for the public. Share A Bottle started up as a blog; an online platform for wine lovers like himself. The Share A Bottle blog is a place where people can find columns, recipes, crazy stories, tips and film reviews – all related to wine! Anand believes that he can help people discover new, good wines. And quality doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Anand tries to find the finest pearls for you! Anand Kanhai
Do I need to make a profile to visit Share A Bottle?
No, for most services you don’t need a profile or personal account. For example, Share A Bottle’s blog and social media pages are public. However, if you want to buy something on our website like a wine box or a ticket to a wine event, you’ll have to create a profile. In that case we need your personal information in order to send you the details.
What is the Wine Club?
If you’re into discovering new wines, you can join the Share A Bottle Wine Club and receive a wine box every two months. Each box contains six bottles of wine: two white, two red and two sparkling. The wines are very diverse: we offer wines from both the Old and the New World. Do you want to sign up for the Wine Club? Click here.
I want to order a single bottle of wine. Is that possible?
In the future it will be possible to order a single bottle of wine (or more), but unfortunately this service is not yet developed. For now, we only sell boxes with six bottles. Check out the Share A Bottle wine boxes here.
Can I follow the Share A Bottle wine blog and/or receive a daily/weekly newsletter?
Unfortunately, that service is not yet available. In the future we hope to develop the option to sign in and receive a weekly newsletter with blog posts and other updates from the wine world in your personal mail box.
Can I follow Share A Bottle on social media?
Absolutely! You can find and follow our Facebook page here and our Twitter account here.
I want to visit a wine event. How do I sign up?
Just visit our event page and select the event that you’re interested in. You now find more information about the event. If you want to attend the event, click on “Add to basket” and follow the steps to payment.
I love the Share A Bottle concept and I would like to work here! Is that possible?
If you have a passion for wine and you believe Share A Bottle is something for you, you should definitely check out our vacancy page. For further questions about working at Share A Bottle, send us an email: info@share-a-bottle.com.
How do I contact the Share A Bottle team?
To contact Share A Bottle, send an email to info@share-a-bottle.com or call us on +31(0)6 14763538. See our contact page.