Winecream met handen

Yes. Summer is finally here. Time to catch those rays on a sunny terrace. But what to order? A frosty ice cream or cool glass of rosé? For doubters, the ideal combination is here: winecream. Can you imagine yourself licking your red wine?

Secret ingredient

Inventors of this latest food fad are Dan and his sister Katie Gorham from Baltimore. At the end of Christmas dinner with their family, they craved ice cream, but at the same time wanted to continue drinking wine. Recognize this dilemma? Contemplating this major problem at the family table, a light bulb appeared above their heads. Why not combine both goodies? Brother and sister experimented for a year to find the perfect mix. Complicating factor in their experiments: wine will not freeze in the freezer, even mixed with cream. Voilà their secret ingredient: add liquid nitrogen. Next some fresh fruits, nuts and maybe some chocolate and your winecream is ready!

winecream geheim ingredient

Sauvignon Swirl or Coupe Chardonnay?

Wine that melts on your tongue? True wine aficionados are probably horrified by the idea. Does winecream even have anything to do with wine? Actually, no. The only similarity is the amount of alcohol, which is 10% by volume, equal to a glass. But otherwise? Winecream isn’t produced with the red and white grape varieties known to us. There isn’t even a grape involved! The family Gorham prepare ‘craft-made fruit wines’ in strawberry, cherry, pineapple and peach flavours. You’re not licking a Sauvignon Swirl, let alone spooning a Coupe Chardonnay. Maybe it’s better to just order a glass of rosé after all.

PS: Also a New-York based company has introduced wine infused ice-cream with 5% alcohol. It comes in flavors like chocolate Cabernet, red raspberry Chardonnay, Riesling and cherry Merlot. Maybe just give it a try?