‘Share a bottle’; that is our vision, because the best wines are the wines we drink together. “Shall we open a bottle of wine?” “Yes, please! And make it a Riesling.”
A dry white wine with a fresh finish. Normally I’m more of a Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc person, but tonight I feel like experiencing a special kind of wine. According to wine journalist Harold Hamersma, the best supermarket Riesling is Sankt Anna Pur Mineral Riesling. Well he definitely has sparked my curiosity.

If you were to ask someone where they think the best wines come from, most wine lovers would say: Italy, France or Spain, but the country you don’t hear them mention is Germany.
Thankfully the true connoisseurs of wine know that Germany has a reputation for making good white wines, because they have the Riesling grape. In Germany, this grape is also called the ‘Queen of the grape’ and is known for its quality.

The most important feature is its high acidity. Because acids preserve the wine, even the simplest wines age well. Those who have patience will be rewarded by its delicate scent of honey, nuts and smoke.

A pleasant evening spent with friends is a good time to taste the wine. I opted for the Sankt Anna Pur Mineral Riesling from 2011 at the recommendation of Hamersma. It is a couple of years old so I am wondering if I, like many other wine connoisseurs, will fall in love with the beautiful bouquet qualitative smell of Riesling and of course I am accompanied by others when tasting this wine, because the more the merrier! Whilst I take a sip, I smell the aromas and I fall in love with the smell of Riesling.

Well I think I’m hooked. On Riesling!

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