La Cité du vin

French wine heaven Bordeaux has a stunning new attraction: a theme park dedicated to wine on the quays of the Garonne. La Cité du Vin is an ultra modern 55-metre high building in an organic liquid form, that resembles waltzing wine in a glass. Although the residents of the city also recognize a turd in it… François Hollande personally unveiled the 80-million-euro structure.

Cite du vin - Hollande

Souring over wine landscapes
Remarkably the French, normally protectionist and shy when it comes to their own culture and products, are flaunting foreign markets in the museum. Visitors get to see how wine is produced in all corners of the globe, from Spain to Australia. The wine experience starts with an on screen helicopter tour. You will find yourself souring through the most beautiful wine landscapes. After that you board an imaginary merchant ship for a sea journey through time, showing how wine has travelled in the last decades.

cite du vin - ruiken

Smell & taste
A wine museum that doesn’t trigger your smell and taste buds is, of course, unthinkable. You can smell the aroma of cloves, raspberries and pencil in glass jars. Taste is stimulated in the belvedere, a spacious bar with a huge chandelier of millions of bottles, on the highest point of the building. Enjoying a panoramic 360° view of Bordeaux and its vineyards you can taste twenty different wines from all over the world. This professional selection changes regularly.

cite du vin - wijnbar

Enthusiastic tasters can relax in comfortable plush chairs, listening to famous stories about drunkenness: a tribute to the hangover.

cite du vin - wijnbar 2

PS: For those who seek their wine pleasure closer to home, the wait might be over soon. According to newspaper De Telegraaf an entrepreneur intends to open a wine theme park in a former V&D building in Utrecht or Den Bosch.

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