This beautiful summer will soon be over… Or will autumn wait a little while? Anyway, with a wonderful weekend ahead and wine coolers on the table, Share A Bottle presents its ultimate choice of Spanish summer wines. Be prepared for a sunny weekend!


Txakolí Aguirrebeko

You have to make a little detour for this one. In the middle of a nature reserve in the Basque Country, between San Sebastian and Bilbao, vinery Txakolí is situated. Over here, Bodega Berroja produces its Txakolí Aguirrebeko wine, made of Hondarrabi Zuri grapes. You’ll find the vines on a slope at a height of two hundred meters with a magnificent view over the Bay of Biscay. This is an ultimate summer wine, with a delightfully fresh and thirst-quenching character and aromas of white flowers, lemon and pineapple. Due to the low alcohol level you can drink lots of this wine, which pairs very good with shellfish and fish. Also wine connoisseur Harold Hamersma is familiar with the Txakoli and notes that it’s hardly available in the Netherlands. “There isn’t much of it, the Basques prefer to drink this wine themselves. This Aguirrebeko rolls lightly between acid and freshness, sparkling and invigorating.”


A sparkling Spanish Cava tastes like sun, fiesta and Catalan cuisine, in short all the elements to keep up the holiday spirit. Many Spaniards still call Cava Champán, but officially this term may no longer be used since the EU accession (the French were obstructive). It’s produced the same way as Champagne, but often contains grape varieties as Parellada, Macabeu en Xarello. Tastes great with seafood and artichokes. Click here for one of our favourites.

Enate Rosado

We still rest in Spain, in the northeast, where we found a high quality rosé; Enate Rosado made of Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine tastes great on a sunny terrace as a cool ‘chill-out’ and is an ideal combination with tapas and finger-food, oriental dishes and fish. The vineyards of this rosado are about six hundred meters above sea level, protected by The Pyrenees. At this altitude, the difference in temperature is extreme, 35 ° C during daytime, 17-18 ° C at night, allowing the grapes to be extra complex, with aromatic power (blueberries, strawberries and peppers) and a full, balanced flavour.