If you think you’re drinking Champagne, chances are it’s either Prosecco or Cava. So you’re probably wondering.. What is Cava? Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine made in the same way that Champagne is produced, but with different grapes.

So what makes Cava different from Prosecco? You’ll probably be surprised to know that Cava is closer to Champagne in terms of taste than Prosecco. So if you’re looking for a fine bubbly. Cava is good bottle of choice!

So what grapes are used in Cava? The Primary grape used in Cava production is the Macabeu grape. Despite its importance, Macabeu tastes somewhat simple. It has faint floral aromatics, a lemony flavor with a slightly bitter finish that tastes similar to green almonds. Xarel·lo on the other hand, is much more aromatic with rich floral aromas and pear/melon-like notes. The last grape, Paralleda, is blended for its ripping high acidity and zesty citrus flavors. Together the three Spanish grapes create a balanced fruity sparkling wine that’s less sweet than Prosecco but not as nutty as Champagne.

As the Dutch say Vrijmibo, the Share a Bottle team decided to do a ‘Vrijmibo’ on friday. Otherwise it wouldn’t be called ‘Vrij’ for Vrijdag or Friday. The whole day we had a photoshoot for our website, so what would be a better way to celebrate the end of a long working day than with a nice Cava wine? Well nothing else of course!

So while we were relaxing and sitting on the streets of Amsterdam, looking at the people passing by on this the late humid summer afternoon. Anand decided to get a bottle of sparkling Spanish wine. It was a bottle of Planas Albareda from Krimpenfort wines at Fort Wavel Amstel. A fort where the wines are kept in a cool, dark cellar. Also the location where we had our photoshoot!

The bottle Planas Albareda is named after the place Planas Albareda in Barcelona, Spain and is one of the few autentic family bodegas where artisanal sparkling wines are made. What else does a person really need than an authentic Cava wine?