Urban legends and half-truths. There’s a lot of nonsense going around about wine. Share A Bottle closely examined five health statements. Are they true or false?


1# White wine, rosé and champagne contain more calories than red.

A myth, the amount of calories doesn’t depend on the colour of your drink. On average, 100 ml of wine contains between 80 and 90 calories.


2# Wine and exercise is a healthy combination

Many doctors recognize the positive effects of red wine. According to Canadian and Czech research the consumption of red wine balances your cholesterol levels. Especially in combination with regular exercise. However, this doesn’t mean that your performance will improve by drinking wine. It’s fine to combine, but put the emphasis on sports.


 3# White wine causes less headaches than red

A statement often posed by ardent white wine fans. Flavonoids, found in grape skins, are named as the major culprits. To date there is no conclusive evidence to back this up.


4# Wine makes you want more sex

Women, beware. If you drink two glasses of red wine each day, your appetite for sex will heighten. At least, according to research of the university of Firenze. The cause is increased blood flow in the body. Researchers used the so-called ‘female sexual function index’. The lowest score is 2 and the highest is 36. On average, the score is 27,5 after two glasses of wine. Impressive!


5# Red wine is good for your heart

This one has been buzzing around for years. An investigation in 1990 showed that inhabitants of the southwest of France scored significantly lower on cardiovascular disease, despite their fatty diet. This miracle was explained by their high consumption of red wine. Indeed, certain substances of red wine, polyphenols, resveratrol and antioxidants, dilute your blood, counter inflammation and dilate blood vessels. But another important ingredient – alcohol – isn’t always good for your heart…


PS: would you like to improve your health with polyphenols, resveratrol and antioxidants? Instead of drinking red wine, you can also eat raisins.