Have you ever been to Sicily? Then Palermo is the city you should visit. It is the capital of the Italian island of Sicily and one of those cities with its own very distinct, almost tangible atmosphere. It’s a place of mystery where reality often outperforms the traveller’s imagination. It is a buzzing Mediterranean center with 1 million inhabitants who are a fascinating cocktail of somewhat typical Italian characters.

But when visiting Palermo, the one thing you should definitely try are its local wines. When visiting Palermo, the one thing my friends and I really wanted to discover was it’s renowned local wines. We wanted to drink what the locals drink; we wanted to eat what the locals ate. We wanted to feel Sicilian. Being a blonde young woman in a city full of Italians, of course, I would never fit in. But who doesn’t like to pretend? Being on that beautiful island, if it would not just be for its lovely wine, I could live there just for its scenery of the vineyards stretching along as far as the eye could see.

My first night when visiting this beautiful city we decided to go to a small local restaurant. As we ordered our pastas, we asked for a local wine: Grillo to be precise. Grillo, also known as Riddu and Rossese bianco, is a white Italian wine grape variety that is widely used in Sicilian winemaking. Grillo is a variety so ancient that it was used in a famous Roman wine and a favourite of Julius Caesar to be exact. It is a wine with a straw yellow colour, with floral notes and a little bit of lemon and pear, but not too much, a well-balanced and elegant wine. Taking my first nip, the wine tasted on the fuller side of medium with medium acidity.  The sensation was light with delicate fruits like lemon, lime, green apple and creamy pear. So if you do ever visit Sicily, I definitely recommend you try it.

If you are more of a red wine drinker, you should try Nero d’ Avola. Nero d’ Avola, is a wine that best expresses the Sicilian territory. A wine with an intense dark red colour and great depth and character. It is the most important red wine grape in Sicily. This wine displays fresh aromas of red and black berries and entices the palate with jammy ripe fruit followed by a wave of black spices.

Which ever you prefer, the thing to remember about wine is, it is a beautiful suspense to explore. To find out what you like and dislike. Because drinking wine is like listening to music and everyone tastes the wine differently. And looking and discovering new wines you love, well I can’t think of a better thing to do!

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