What happened? That delicious bottle of Pinot Noir you opened last night is still half full. You know too much oxygen will kill the taste. Fortunately, there’s a handy new gadget to preserve your precious leftover: the wine condom. Simply unroll this piece of rubber over the neck of an opened wine. Your favourite drink is sealed and the aromas remain intact.

Ultimate protection

The idea comes from the mind of creative young Mitchell (21). ‘Why not use a condom’, he thought, when his mother came home from a diner with half a bottle of wine, closed with a little bag and a rubber band. Mother and son started a crowd funding project and – to their own surprise – in no time gathered around 10.000 dollars. Enough to develop and expand their brilliant idea: ‘The ultimate protection for wine lovers’. Vineyards from Australia, Spain and France have already shown interest in this new gadget.

wijn condoom 2

But why?

Corks and other wine stoppers often extend a bottle which make them difficult to store. They simply don’t fit in your fridge door. Bottles with wine condoms stay the same size. Also, the condom is secure enough to store bottles lying down. The ‘Tuxedo Black’ rubbers (6 in a package) are luxuriously wrapped and can be used twice. Just don’t roll them on sparkling wines, the wine condom will blow up like a black balloon…

 PS: Even celebs like Sharon Stone, Madonna, Melissa McCarthy and Rosie O’Donnell are fans.